About NOWAITN Corporation

We build technologies that give people back their time.
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We pride ourselves on giving your customers back the only money can't buy - their time.
Established in 2017

Established in Cambridge, MA during the summer of 2017,  WAIT'N started as a waitlist app designed with the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry in mind. These establishments usually don't take reservations, operate at capacity, and usually have long often inefficient queue lines on busy nights.

Continuous Improvement

More than just a waitlist app, WAIT'N combines crowd counting technology with waitlist management features into a real-time omni-channel crowd-management platform that allows crowd-managers to work from iPhone. We're committed to continuous feature development and improvement.

People Count

Give your clients their time back, and create an interactive experience at every opportunity.

People Count

Our platform integrates with AI enabled cameras and people counting sensors to automatically count the occupancy of a venue, process the data, and deliver it to users who can use it, all in real-time.


True to our customer-service origins, our interactive Guest APP and service-point has been designed from the ground up to deliver the most informative and interactive customer experience, proven to nearly eliminate 'balking' and 'walk-outs' while increasing customer retention.

Continuous improvement

With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, and recovery effort, we are staying informed of changing facilities requirements while researching and developing novel solutions for new queue and crowd management challenges.

fire-code compliance

We're not only improving our technology, we're also constantly researching local fire-code and licensing requirements in order to innovate features that make crowd management and crowd counting more efficient and less risky.