Waitlist Management

Ditch the pen-and-paper waitlist and give your customers an interactive digital solution that shows them you're ready to serve them!

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Designed for iOS, but Works on any mobile device

Manage your waitlists from your mobile device

Create and manage your digital queues all in one place. There is no app to download. Our responsive web application works just like a native app when you add it to the homescreen of your iOS device.


It starts with an SMS

Send your client an SMS when they're added to your queue to start their experience. They'll receive a link to view their place in line, manage their booking, and view information and services from your business.

Custom Branding
Add custom images, text, and information about your business.
No Downloads For Your Clients
Clients can view their place in line and modify their reservation in just a few clicks using a simple web link.
SMS enabled alerts
Send clients SMS messages when they're added to your queue, and when you're ready to serve them.
GPS, AI, and machine learning Enable better queue management

Advanced features increase sales, and reduce client no-shows and reneging

When a customer views their place in line, our software calculates their distance from your business in real-time. Using this and other information collected from the user, our AI is able to "score" the likelihood that a client will return to see you. This enables your staff to better manage the waitlist, and keep your business operating at capacity.


WAITN saves the only thing money can't buy - time. Start giving your customers their time back, and they will thank you for it.

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