Crowd Management Terminology

We created this page to provide useful term definitions for crowd managers, public safety managers, and security personnel.
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Learn what it takes to manage crowds EFFECTIVELY.

Are lines good or bad for business? It's a common question, we've got the answer for you.

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Don't assume that a long line is always good for your bottom-line.

What is reneging? When a potential customer leaves your queue, and gives up on trying your services, they have effectively reneged.

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Sometimes your busy, and have a line, but if the line signals you're not ready to serve a potential customer, they may never enter it, balking at the perceived wait.

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Tally Counters

Simple and useful, tally counters or people counters offer crowd managers the ability to count large groups of people in various ways, including from the palm of their hand.

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Free Online People Counter

Need a free crowd counting solution? We created an online tally counter that is free to use. Check it out here.

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