Crowd Management Cameras

Crowd management cameras offer the ability to automate crowd control and safety operations by leveraging AI and other advanced technologies.

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Count persons entering and exiting any space

AI enabled cameras with facial recognition

Facial recognition cameras allow venues to recognize returning customers and make important crowd management decisions, such as to deny entry to those who have been flagged as disruptive, or to recognize VIP clientele as they arrive.

Get insights about your foot traffic

Analize your crowd and count your occupancy

Cameras no only allow you to view footage, using AI people recognition technologies, cameras can be set up to count the number of occupants in a given space, analyze foot traffic, and provide insights as to where customers tend to congregate.

Integrate cameras to automate crowd management

Contact our enterprise support to learn how you can integrate crowd management cameras with our platform to give your staff real-time updates that lead to actionable management tactics.

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