Crowd Management Sensors

Crowd management sensors offer the ability to automate crowd control and safety operations without the privacy intrusion that other systems, like cameras, may impose on crowd participants.

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Count persons entering and exiting any space

Thermal Sensors for People Counting

Thermal sensors from offer the ability to count entryways without the privacy intrusion that is posed by camera-based counting solutions.

DESIGNED FOR Detecting intoxicated areas in large crowds

FLIR Sensors To Detect Intoxication

Forward Looking Infrared technology can be used to detect various concentrations of gasses in the air. When Calibrated to detect ethanol, the bi-product of human alcohol consumption, it is possible to assess the level of intoxication of sections of a large crowd at a distance.

Integrate sensors to automate crowd management

Contact our enterprise support to learn how you can integrate crowd management sensors with our platform to give your staff real-time updates that lead to actionable management tactics.

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