Staff have a simple, yet powerful interface provided by the WAITN Staff App. The Staff App lets your staff work from iPhone, tablet, or another mobile device.

Designed for iPhone, with no app to download.

At WAITN, we believe in saving time for our customers and yours. That's why we skip the step of requiring you or your customers to download an app to interact with our software.

No app to download, native app functionality
Add to your home-screen to use it just like a native app.
Bring your own device
We leverage the devices your staff and guests already have.
Versionless updates
Automatic updates from the cloud to your device.
Designed for mobile devices

All the tools staff need, all in one place.

Designed for iPhone, your staff will have all the functionality they need to manage walk-in customers and arrivals all in one simple tool. Staff can manage waitlists, occupancy, and reservations all in one place.

The WAITN Staff App is packed with features that save time, retain customers, build sales, and make life easier.

WAITN lets crowd managers, hosts, agents, and other customer service staff to work from iPhone. Here's some of the features included in the WAITN Staff App.

Synced People Counter

Each zone you add to your account has an online occupancy counter. Add staff users, and the online count syncs between their devices.

Digital Waitlist

Ditch the paper waitlist, and give your guests their time back with our digital waitlist system.

Reservation System

Have guests coming in the future, create a reservation, and give your guests an interactive page to view the status of their order.

Interactive Guest App

Don't just text guests when you're ready. Give them their time back when they monitor their spot in the queue with our interactive guest app.

Self-Service Kiosk

You can't have staff everywhere. Create interactive customer touch points by creating a Self-Service Kiosk from a QR code.

AI-Enabled QMS

Our Queue Management System (QMS) uses AI to learn your pace of service, and predict anticipated wait times in order to provide accurate quotes.

Reduction in queue balking
Increase in overall sales
Reduction in queue reneging

WAITN saves the only thing money can't buy - time. Start giving your customers their time back, and they will thank you for it.

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