Crowd Manager Training

What training do you need to become a crowd manager?
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Learn more about firecode saftey and crowd control

Training Component

Crowd manager training is the process of studying and reviewing the relevant fire-code and safety guidelines, laws, or regulations that state fire authorities have put in place to keep crowds safe at venues such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and discos.

Training consists of a review of the rules and regulations that are required of crowd managers to educate and inform them of not only what to do to keep crowds safe, but why it's so important to be informed, aware and up-to-date on crowd safety guidelines.

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Testing Component

After completing the crowd manager training, and learning the important rules and guidelines for crowd safety at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other public venues, a follow up testing component is to be completed by every prospective crowd manager.

The testing component is a quiz designed to review with you what you've learned during the crowd manager training, and ensure that you're aware of the important regulations and requirements that must be enforced when managing crowds.

Online Quiz
The testing component consists of an online quiz
Multiple Choice Answers
You'll be asked a series of questions based on the training
Prepare for State Certification
The online quiz will prepare you for state certification
Complete your certification by state

State Certification

After completing crowd manager training, and taking the online practice test, you'll need to review your results and prepare to take your state certification exam (where applicable). The laws very by state, but we will direct you to the relevant certification portal when you're ready to proceed.

In states where certification is mandated by law, you'll receive a certification ID number when you've completed the state certification exam.

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