Waitlist Management for Bars, Gastro Pubs and Grilles

More than just a waitlist app, the NOWAITN platform was developed in the restaurant, bar and nightclub industry to minimize the number of staff required to efficiently manage operations when operating at maximum capacity.
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The NOWAITN Platform is packed with features that save time, retain customers, build sales, and make life easier.

The NOWAITN Platform allows crowd managers and service staff to work from iPhone. Here's some of the features included in the NOWAITN Platform.

Synced People Counter

Count individual zones or your whole venue, add multiple employees and see the count synced between them. Need more? Add sensors and cameras to automate your occupancy counting.

Digital Waitlist

Ditch the pen-and-paper solution and implement a digital waitlist to make your customer service experience memorable. Our solution saves your guests time while making service more efficient.

Booking System

We also include a state-of-the-art reservation system to give your customers up to date information about their booking. Never lose business because you're too busy.

Interactive Guest App

Don't just tell customers when to return, let them interact with your business while they are in line, have a reservation, or after they have checked in. Customers prefer using their mobile device to interact with service businesses.

Self-Service Kiosk

Sometimes staff are busy helping other customers, but don't leave your walk-in guests waiting by implementing a self-service kiosk. Create a workflow that optimizes your services without adding staff.

AI-Enabled QMS

Our Queue Management System (QMS) is equipped with AI to not only guess wait times, but make inferences about guest preferences, their likelihood to return when paged, and a whole lot more.

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